Vsnu Elsevier Agreement

In December 2019, the Dutch research institutes and Elsevier have already signed a framework agreement. Over the past four months, the parties have carefully developed this agreement for unique open scientific cooperation. The services developed as a result of this agreement will be manufacturer-neutral and fully interoperable with systems and services provided by other suppliers. Other “transformation agreements” between Dutch institutes and other publishers have resulted in around 2,000 euros per article for major parties such as Springer Nature and Wiley. Here too, it is agreed that institutions will pay the same amount for subscription fees as before, provided that all publications by authors (correspondents) in the Netherlands are open access. In the coming months, a working group will continue to define the rules of engagement and develop the governance structure. To fill the transition period, the parties agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding to allow continuous and extensive access to the reading and publication services of the agreement. If the parties reach a final agreement, the contract will be made public and registered in the ESAC register. International Media ContactAndrew Davis, Global CommunicationsElsevier-44 7393 242 466andrew.davis@elsevier.com In principle yes. Important details need to be worked out, especially when it comes to what can and cannot be done with the (meta-) data that are integrated and produced by the services and tools to be developed. But organizations work in good faith and have confidence that they will reach an agreement. Our intentions are set out in a Memorandum of Understanding. We are working on a whole new type of agreement, including the development of new services and tools for research intelligence and workflow.

This is a new ground for all the partners involved. We need extra time to get finer details. “This announcement is ongoing for a long time, which means that four research partners have taken their time and allowed each other to explore the possibilities and limitations of this new and unique cooperation. We look forward to formalizing the agreement with our trusted partners in the first months of 2020. Yes, I do.

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