Va Users Remote Computing Security Agreement

The Iron Bow team provides support services for the continued use and operation of the Content Distribution Network (CDN) of a Federal Health Authority for the Employment Education System (EES). The CDN is a corporate system that provides broadcast videos and on-demand content from the agency via IP to staff desktops throughout the agency. The team is responsible for all services needed to maintain the CDN network, provide technical assistance to CDN users and local information resource management (RMI) staff, implement significant infrastructure improvements, and assist with device installations across the Agency. The team also supported web development, which is essential to the continued growth of the CDN and the benefits to the Agency. The work has focused on integrating the CDN into the Agency`s Learning Management System (LMS) and implementing several CDN web extensions. Today, the team manages the CDN web application and the CDN server farm at their current operating level. In addition, all new versions of code will be fully tested and documented prior to implementation. A newly built hospital needs video teleconferencing functions in 28 conference rooms throughout the building. The requirement was to be able to make video calls with many other stateside institutions and around the world. The clarity of video calls was a key factor for users, who were primarily physicians who had to see from afar to get a correct diagnosis.

The investigation of the Iron Bow team site identified several problems in the work that was completed prior to our commitment to infrastructure equipment and design. Our team of experts provided the right technology and connections for each room to solve the problems encountered. We`ve also used the existing SMART podiums and integrated IPTV into the video teleconferencing solution, so the customer can easily use a single touch panel to control all devices. Doctors now have the ability to make high-resolution video calls with facilities around the world to support the care they provide to the U.S. military. Telehealth platforms no longer need expensive proprietary technology. Patients can benefit from preventive care and well-being from the comfort of their own home through personal devices. Telehealth solutions at home allow providers to monitor and engage patients by seeing daily updates on vital and health behaviours.

These solutions also enable physicians to manage and adapt care using daily trend information to make changes to care plans. Subjective and biometric data are collected and analysed holistically to enable a complete view of patients` well-being. Finally, providers of remote care solutions can receive customizable alerts when patients need to intervene. Current information and telecommunications technologies can significantly improve the quality of patient care and improve access to health protection, especially for people living in remote areas. But technology alone is not a miracle weapon. When patient care is at stake, it must be the right technology, perfectly integrated and properly supported throughout its life cycle. Iron Bow is an experienced leader in full Lifecycle Networking integration, collaboration, information security, data center solutions and end-user solutions. To see more Iron Bow vehicles, click here. As the leading provider of veterans` business (VA), the Health Defence Agency (DHA) and DoD Medical, Iron Bow understands the continuing challenges of public health care.

Our work focuses on improving the quality of patient care by improving access.

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