Trade Agreements Between Turkey And The United States

In 2018, Turkey was the 28th largest merchandise export market for the United States and the 33rd largest supplier of merchandise imports. Turkey is the world`s 10th largest buyer of LNG exports to the United States and an emerging regional energy hub. Among the top categories of U.S. exports to Turkey are aircraft, mineral fuels, iron and steel, machinery, cotton, and agriculture. Among the main categories of imports from Turkey are machinery, vehicles, carpets and other textile coatings, iron and steel and their products, agriculture, stone, plaster, cement. U.S. direct investment reported in Turkey is cited by manufacturing, wholesale, finance, and insurance. The separation of relations was initiated by the neoconservative John McCain`s Plan National Defense Congressional Initiatives plan at the 115th Congress, which put the Trump administration in the 2019 GJ John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA, P.L.

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