Tenancy Agreement Of Bhutan

18.5. The owners and tenants orally agree to a registration for the agreed services or repairs if the date and time of registration are within one week from the oral agreement. 20.2.2. Only if the tenant requests consent to the subletting or assignment in accordance with section 14(B) or if the law requires the landlord to reasonably give consent to the subletting or assignment (e.g. B if the lease or lease indicates the number of tenants who must reside in a premises, or if the new resident is the spouse or domestic partner, the following provisions apply to the child, parent, grandchial, grandparent, brother or sister or spouse or partner (as defined in sections 62.2 to 62.8 of the Administrative Code) of those parents. If the lessor applies part of the bond to the tenant`s obligations at any time during the lease, the tenant must reinstate the bond on the entire original amount after a written announcement of five (5) days. The lessor may pay a deposit during the term of the rental agreement for any legally authorized object and, in this case, the tenant must restore the entire deposit after written notification to the tenant after five (5) days. “Lawful subtenant or assignee” means an adult who lives on the premises with the explicit agreement or consent of the lessor. “Agreement with the Owner” means an explicit agreement with the Owner. 2.1.2. [ ] Rental agreement: expires on [date & time].

The tenant must evacuate the premises after the termination of the contract, unless (i) the lessor and the tenant have renewed this contract in writing or signed a new contract, (ii) under the local rent control law; (iii) The lessor accepts the tenant`s rent (with the exception of late rent), in which case a monthly lease is created, which either party may terminate in accordance with paragraph 2.1.1. The rent is equal to a rate agreed by the landlord and tenant or authorized by law. All other terms of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. “Commencement of occupation” means either the signing or conclusion of an agreement, the transfer of goods or equipment to the premises, or the use of the premises for any purpose, including but not limited to cooking, food, maintenance or sleep 6.3. All or part of the deposit may be used, to the extent reasonably necessary, to remedy the tenant`s late payment (including late fees, SNSF fees or other amounts due); repair of damages, with the exception of normal wear and tear caused by the tenant or by a customer or licensee of the tenant; clean premises. if necessary, at the end of the lease; and to replace or return personal property, property or ownership. 13.1. The tenant must, at the expense of the tenant, keep at all times, at the expense of the tenant, the premises, furniture and equipment, if any, in good condition and, at the end of the lease, in the same condition as (with the exception of normal wear and tear). The tenant understands that the tenant is responsible for the repair costs of all damage in or around the premises, whether caused by the tenant, the tenant`s guests or the invited persons.

If the Tenant intends to evacuate at the end of the original term of the Contract or for any other reason after the initial term of this Contract, the Tenant must inform the Landlord at least thirty (30) days in writing of the Tenant`s intention to terminate the Lease and evacuate the premises. . . .

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