Eu Seychelles Fisheries Agreement

Partnership agreement with countries outside the EU (summaries of EU legislation) “115,000 euros is less than 4 million SCRs per year to protect our coasts. The European Union could have been much better. And we should be able to show them how they could have done better. We should be able to use the opportunities that will allow us to renegotiate the agreement,” Ferrari said. Under the SFPA, which expired on 17 January, the Seychelles government earned around 8.5 million euros a year (US$9.4 million), while the country`s infrastructure and fisheries sector received 2.3 million euros (US$2.5 million) – the EU`s annual financial contribution under sectoral aid for the four years of the agreement. Other members of the PECH Committee also highlighted the issue of transparency, such as Xavier-Franéois Bellamy (EPP) and the need to participate and develop the local fishing sector, such as Isabel Carvalhais (S-D), Ruza Tomasic (ECR) and Peter van Dalen (EPP). MEP Izaskun BILBAO BARANDICA (EAJ-PNV, Basque Country), parliamentary rapporteur for the agreement with Senegal, said that the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement is a long-standing cooperation agreement between Seychelles and the EU, signed in 1987. It allows EU vessels to fish in waters under the jurisdiction of Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean. After the exhaustion of discussions on the agreement, all members voted in favour of its ratification on Wednesday. The agreement is for six years and Seychelles is expected to expect $65 million during this period.

“These next-generation agreements support both local industry in Senegal and Seychelles and the European fishing industry. They also contribute to the global spread of control practices and fishing techniques with demons on sustainability. These are therefore instruments of development cooperation that are essential for the provision of 93 European fishing vessels, with the impact of this activity on the processing industry. They are also aimed at combating illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. They are an example of the usefulness of the external dimension of the common fisheries policy. Although negotiations on a new SFPA and six-year protocol were completed in October 2019, the resulting document has yet to be signed, with the relevant Working Group of the Council of the European Union delaying the adoption of some of the agreement`s recommendations.

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