Alsa Agreement

The general terms and conditions of this service contract govern the ordering of transport services for companies that are provided by the ALSA organization such as offered by ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U. through its website by SERVICIOS DEL PRINCIPADO, S.A.U. (SEPRISA), a company that is also part of the ALSA organization. With ALSA Business, in addition to other attractive benefits, your company benefits from significant discounts when purchasing e-tickets on the Internet intended to be operated by the company`s employees and employees. The ALSA business service is aimed at both SMEs and large organisations (with the exception of self-employed persons and travel agencies). In accordance with these policies, ALSA staff are required to send information (using the e-mail address: about gifts or hospitality shows with a financial value between 100 and 150 euros, depending on the model made available to them. This information includes both gifts/hospitality shows that may be received as alsa employees and those that may be offered to third parties on behalf of the company or on our own behalf as ALSA staff. Only Christmas gifts are excluded: delivery is centralized by the company. Approval – do not feel obliged to accept, in many cases it may not be possible or feasible. If you do not reach an agreement, make sure: that at the next meeting you set up a framework to solve unsolved problems (tagsToTranslate) (t) convert (t) alsa (t) large (t) Large company (t) Bus (t) Spain (t) Company (t) Transport (t) Asturism (t) integrate (t) national express (t) strengthen (t) leader (t) Morocco (t) win (t) Contract (t) casablanca As you know in your university competition, Negotiations are a competition based on competences, in which disputes between parties must be settled by an agreement. The only difference between your university and ALSA competitions is that the degree of skill and experience of your competitors is usually greater.

As a rule, the ALSA competition plan extends over several days during which there are at least 3 preliminary rounds and 3 finals. The preliminary rounds are Round Robin, while the finals are eliminatory. Options are not solutions — see that options are not solutions. Before reaching an agreement, the options must be developed by discussion and reality test This process begins with the opening of disciplinary proceedings, if necessary, in accordance with the reference regulations, and a work sanction will be applied (if any) in accordance with the laws and internal organizational criteria in force. Violations of this code are not tolerated. Acts or omissions likely to constitute serious or very serious infringements of the provisions of this Code may be regarded as faults committed by workers and, as such, punished in accordance with the nature and degree of the same provisions as those laid down in collective agreements or legislation in force. ALSA is an international consortium of approximately 12,000 law students and alumni in 16 countries throughout Asia. Formally established in 2002, the association is a merger between the former ASEAN Law Students` Association and the East Asian Students` Association, two student associations that had similar goals to promote stronger relations and a better understanding of the different legal systems between their Asian member states.

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