Aldi nord smartphone ohne Vertrag

But it is only cheaper in terms of bare figures. If you choose the Alcatel 1V that you can find under order, you only have to pay 69.99 euros. A price that is not unbeatably cheap, however. Because individual online shops offer the Alcatel 1V even cheaper. In some cases, shipping costs are added. And that doesn’t apply when you order from Aldi Talk. Also important: you can only use one camera on the back (13 megapixels) and the battery is comparatively small with a capacity of 2,460 mAh. A Qualcomm entry-level processor provides the drive (Snapdragon 429). It is supported by a narrow 1 GB of RAM.

This smartphone is also missing NFC and the model sold at Aldi Talk does not provide a fingerprint sensor either. Bluetooth is also only available in version 4.2. It is important to note that the black and gray cell phone is only equipped with the bare essentials. You have to do without technical highlights completely. Nevertheless, the smartphone can be particularly interesting for children or infrequent users. Because it offers a modern design at a low price. HMD Global also guarantees two years of software updates and three years of monthly security updates. Are you currently searching Smartphone for less than 100 euros? Then definitely take a look at our current leaderboard.

Because here we show you which smartphones up to 100 euros are currently particularly worthwhile. But a look at the can not hurt either best smartphones under 200 euros. Because for not much more money you can sometimes get significantly more performance. If you’re looking at buying into a contract or just buying the cell phone on its own, you can often save a bit of money if you check out a discount electronic store such as: Haha I’m sure it depends on what type of contract you’re looking for here. I have the ALDI/LIDL plans which you can simply pick up and purchase from the store and then you have to go online and register an account (of course, that includes my address, bank account, DOB, etc.), but they don’t force you to submit a crazy number of documents for approval. The only thing that was hard for me was that at the beginning of my time here in Germany, I didn’t have a German bank account, and I needed that in order to pay for my 7,99 phone bill. After that it was smooth sailing! Here, we`ve picked the very best SIM-only deals available right now. If you`re studying at the moment, also check out our article on the best phone contracts for students. Most operators don`t allow you to simply take your SIM out of your smartphone in a tablet. Some often frown upon tethering, so check the Ts & Cs if you want to use your phone`s data connection on your tablet, or a second phone. Artikel, die nur online erworben werden können, sind nicht in der Filiale vorrätig bzw. lagernd.

Wir planen unsere Angebote „ALDI liefert“ stets gewissenhaft und auf Basis aller verfügbaren Erfahrungen. In Ausnahmefällen kann es jedoch vorkommen, dass die Nachfrage nach einem Artikel unsere Einschätzung noch übertrifft und er mehr nachgefragt wird, als wir erwartet haben. Wir bedauern es, falls ein Artikel schnell – womöglich unmittelbar nach Aktionsbeginn – nicht mehr verfügbar sein sollte. Die Artikel werden in baugleicher Ausführung unter verschiedenen Marken ausgeliefert. Der Verfügbarkeitszeitraum und die Lieferart eines Artikels werden Ihnen auf der jeweiligen Artikelseite mitgeteilt. Nur Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands in das Vertriebsgebiet von ALDI Nord Keine Lieferung an ALDI Filialen. Bei Speditionsware (Lieferung frei Bordsteinkante oder frei Verwendungsstelle): Keine Lieferung auf Inseln, Postfilialen, Packstationen und Paketshops. Bei Paketware (Lieferung frei Haustür): Ob eine Lieferung an Paketshops, Packstationen oder Postfilialen möglich ist, ist abhängig vom Versandunternehmen und wird Ihnen im Bestellprozess mitgeteilt.

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